Exclusive House

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Project carried out by construction company ECEAD

Geography Plot of exclusive pleasure
ZoneSouth of Chile , Cunco
TypeExclusive house with building permission and final reception per day.
ArchitectHugo Rodríguez Olea.
Builded surface 190 m2
Ground2.54 hectares
Estuary Housing located 23 meters from the own fishing-estuary

Contact: Andres R.

Director of real estate management

Construction company Ecead7@gmail.com

Andres R.

Location: (to the north) 37 km from Temuco

Flora and fauna

  • It has an own estero, it limits to 23 meters of the property to the north.
  • Located in the middle of a valley with its own native trees, it has Hualles, Radal, Nogal, Eucalyptus, Boldos, Guindos, Chestnuts, etc.

Architectural Description

This house was designed and built by ECEAD E.I.R.L.

It is a building located in the middle of a beautiful valley of its own, with direct connection to the Medahue Estuary, where you can fish and hunt.

The place of the site is absolutely beautiful, with its own plains and hills, it can be planted, it has never been agriculturally exploited before.

It has spectacular views of the valley and the sound of the estuary.

Property located within a valley, which borders the Medahue estuary only 23 meters. The property of 2.54 hectares. It is an exclusive property with a unique architectural design offers among others a different style of housing with a beautiful park with trees of which some are over 100 years old.

It offers its occupants 190 m2 living space of the best quality space with a unique architectural style.

In addition The property has a subdivision project in 4 Parcels of Agrado 3 of them of 5000 square meters and one of them of 10000 square meters that includes the House Room. The Medahue Estero. – I tell you that when you buy the 3 plots of pleasure, they come with a building project included.

By way of information this property has: Certificate of Mortgages, liens and prohibitions in which it can be seen that the property is free of any prohibition of sale. – It also has more than one year of registration so it is released from the payment of TAX according to new sales law.


The property is in a strategic location for any commercial project near:

  • Cólico Lake With an approximate surface of 56 km², it is suitable for water sports and its beaches are suitable for camping, picnics and adventure sports. The access to the lake is by gravel road and is only 15 km. of Cunco.
  • Allipén River It is born to the east of Melipeuco, 6 km. of Cunco, and it has an approximate length of 108 km. Among the flora found in its surroundings, include coigues, oaks and various bushes and shrubs. Although it does not have many places to swim, it is ideal for sport fishing and rafting.
  • Temuco Araucanía Airport 24.0 Km from Temuco
  • Casino Dreams Araucania 55.4 km from Temuco
  • Termas San Sebastian 100 KM From Cunco.
  • hot springs river Blanco 38.4 KM from Pucón.
  • Conguillio National Park 38.8 km from Araucania Region
  • Villarica volcano 51.4 km from Pucón
  • Huerquehue National Park 39.0 km from Pucón
  • Sanctuary el Cani 45.4 km from Pucón
  • plaza of arms of Pucon
  • Ojos del Caburga 37.8 km from Pucón
  • Caburga Lake 33.2 km from Pucón
  • Los Tres Saltos 38.0 km from Pucón
  • Pucón Ski Center 38.1 km from Pucón
  • Waterfalls of River Turbio 38.4 km from Pucón
  • Trancura river hot springs 38.7 km from Pucón
  • Tourism Likan Kura 30.6 km from Melipeuco
  • Llancalil lagoon 39.2 km from Pucón

Enclosure program

  • Living room
  • Bedroom suite, with bathroom, walking closet and bow window
  • Children’s bedroom
  • Guest bedroom
  • Two full bathrooms (one en suite)
  • Kitchen / dining room / with bow window / with wood stove
  • Covered terrace connected to the living room
  • Service terrace connected with kitchen
  • Uncovered outdoor terraces, surrounding the house


  • Water: With Drinking Water Own Sink Water.
  • Sewerage: pit and well.
  • Electricity: Frontel Company
  • Gas: of cylinders.


  • The property has a current domain certificate, a single owner.
  • The property has a building permit and final reception issued by the works management of Cunco.


  • Support structure: Wood
  • Cover: Wavy iron
  • Partitions: in wood
  • Exterior cladding: cement siding
  • Inside cladding: machiembrado pine wood and kupay, all dyed and varnished
  • Ceiling: in wood, dyed and varnished machiembrado pine
  • Bathroom coating: ceramic and wood